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Open for business since 1978 on Canada’s West Coast, Western Imperial Magnetics Ltd. manufactures and supplies a variety of blank recording media, media packaging and duplication equipment to clients across the country. Our long-standing relationships with suppliers, both domestic and international, allows us to literally shop the world to bring you quality products at the best possible prices.


We offer duplication and replication services for CD, DVD, Blu-ray and other media, as well as design and printing services via our in-house graphics department. Western Imperial’s technical services include format transfers, video editing and authoring to support our clients and partners with their projects. Our tools include a dedicated video editing suite, professional capture and editing hardware and support for either a Final Cut or Adobe Creative Suite workflow.


Our goal is to be your one-stop supplier for recordable media, supplies and related services. Our commitment is to provide you with personal customer service and a wealth of industry knowledge in finding the products to meet your needs.


Practice what you preach. We’re experts at helping businesses rebrand their image through video production because it’s what we’ve been doing ourselves. Branching out from the traditional services offered by Western, Retcon has expanded our business into a whole new direction.


Our experience supplying media to video and TV productions for almost 40 years has given us an edge over the competition. We know how fast technology grows and our ability to not get left in the dust proves we can grow with it. We know we can help you grow too.


That experience allows us to spill over into broadcast TV production as well. We’ve shot and edited TV shows, commercials and promotional spots, and regularly author content for distribution through retail, online sales and festival entries. If you watch TV in British Columbia, chances are you’ve seen our work. Contact us today to discuss your production or post-production needs.